Riders' declaration

Covid-19 pledge


Aware that participation in any event must be done in strict compliance with the health rules implemented by the government and with the Haute Route’s environmental values, as a participant in the Haute Route Mexico, I commit to:

1- Respect the general distancing measures in force, particularly in closed, semi-open or densely populated areas during the event (wearing a mask, regular hand washing, physical distancing).

2- Answer the self-test questionnaire that will be sent by the organisation prior to the event, which may result in the medical provider being contacted.

3- Strictly comply with the rules of the event and the measures put in place by the organisation in order to minimise the health risk:
- Submit to the temperature test provided by the organisation before the bibs are collected.
- Wear a mask when requested by the organisation, namely: all indoor areas (meals and massage until participants are seated/laid down, bib collection) and also in the start, finish and refreshment areas, even though these are outdoor.
- Carry my mask during the stages, so that I can wear it around refreshment areas and as soon as I cross the finish line.
- Do not throw my mask, or any other waste, anywhere other than in a garbage bin provided for this purpose.
- Blow my nose with a single-use handkerchief that I will throw in a garbage can provided for this purpose.
- Be well-equipped and use my own water bottle for liquid supplies.
- Respect the directions of traffic set up by the organisation.

4- Avoid physical contact with other participants.

5- Understand that by taking part in the event, I am participating in a gathering of people potentially generating the spread of the epidemic if the barrier measures are not adhered to by all.

6- Accept by taking part in the event that this health risk is potentially serious in the most fragile (over 65 years old, those with a chronic disease, pregnant women).

7- If I have presented with Covid-19 in the weeks and months prior to the race, consult a doctor prior to my participation to find out if the practice of intense efforts and my participation in the competition is possible (specifically with the significant elevation gain).

8- Do not present myself at the event site if I have had symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

9- Demonstrate good citizenship by committing to notify the organisation at contact.mexico@hauteroute.org if the illness is reported within 14 days of the event.

I sign the Rider's declaration